What is a Federal White Collar Crime?

A federal white-collar crime is usually classified as non-violent crime and may include fraud charges, including healthcare fraud, money laundering, securities fraud, bank fraud. While the name “white collar” is derived from the people who typically commit these crimes such as bankers, business people and government officials, anyone can be charged with a “white collar” federal offense. White collar offenses are typically financial crimes, and do not often involve allegations of physical harm.

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Being threatened or charged with committing a federal offense is probably one of the most stressful times in a person’s life. If you are charged or threatened with a federal white-collar crime, you need to reach out to a federal white collar crime lawyer in New Jersey. Lorraine Gauli-Rufo, Esq. and her team are experienced and seasoned federal white collar crime attorneys in New York and New Jersey. You should contact a lawyer before speaking with anyone about what happened. Many people who are innocent think that it is fine to speak with the government of a federal agent. This is simply not true. The government and agents can twist things you say, manipulate what you say, and you probably will end up implicating yourself even if you did nothing wrong. Whether you are innocent or not of the charged or threatened offense, you need a federal criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights.

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If you or a loved one are charged or threatened with a white collar offense, set up a consultation with a federal white-collar crime lawyer from LGR Law Group. The lawyers at LGR Law are experienced in these matters and will fight for your rights and protect your freedom.


Both states and the federal government prosecute white collar offenses. In the federal government, the charges are investigated by federal agents and then brought by the United States Attorney’s Office. The Federal agents investigating white collar are typically the FBI, but can include homeland security officers, postal inspectors and other federal agencies.
Restitution refers to requiring a defendant to pay the victim a certain amount of money to compensate for his or her financial losses. Restitution is mandated by statute in many situations – meaning the sentencing court MUST impose it.
If you are guilty of committing a federal white crime, and you intend to plead guilty, you might wonder if it is still necessary to retain a lawyer. The answer is “absolutely.” Whether you intend to fight the charges and go to trial or plead guilty to the charges you need an experienced federal criminal defense attorney to represent you. You need an attorney who is a fierce negotiator with a lot of experience with federal plea agreements.

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