Tax Fraud

What is Federal Tax Fraud?

Federal tax fraud is the intentional attempt to defraud the IRS or evade the payment of taxes. It occurs when an individual or company intentionally fails to pay taxes owed, fails to file an income tax return and fails to report income truthfully. Tax evasion is the most common type of tax fraud.

Do I need a Federal tax fraud lawyer?

If you are charged or threatened with tax fraud in some form, you need the help and advise of a seasoned federal criminal tax attorney. Lorraine Gauli-Rufo and her team have successfully defended many people charge with tax fraud and evasion. They have represented tax preparers and taxpayers.

What must the government prove to convict you of Tax evasion?

The government must prove (beyond a reasonable doubt) the existence of a tax deficiency and the willful act of evasion or attempted evasion.


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