Fentanyl Charge

Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid used medically for pain management but also illegally as a recreational drug. According to the United States Sentencing Commission, fentanyl is approximately 30 times more potent than heroin. Due to its potency, even a small amount of fentanyl can be deadly, and the illegal distribution and use of fentanyl have become major public health concerns. Moreover, fentanyl analogs have been created by modifying fentanyl’s basic structure, and some of these fentanyl analogs are even more potent than fentanyl itself, causing many overdoses and deaths. With the rising number of deaths attributed to fentanyl and its analogs, it is no surprise that the federal government and various states are enacting stringent legislation that imposes hefty punishments on those who possess and/or distribute it.

If you are charged with possession or distribution of fentanyl, it is important to take the charges seriously and seek the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Federal penalties for fentanyl-related offenses are severe, including lengthy prison sentences and hefty fines. For example, possessing 40 grams of fentanyl triggers a 5-to-40-year sentence, and possessing 400 grams or more of fentanyl can trigger a ten-year-to-life federal sentence.

If you are facing or threatened with fentanyl-related charges, your defense attorney will likely focus on several key areas, including possible pretrial motions that might be brought challenging the search and/or seizure of the drugs. Such challenges usually stem from actions by law enforcement officials during the investigation or arrest and involve very important constitutional rights. Violations of these constitutional rights can result in evidence being suppressed, or the charges being dismissed altogether.

Overall, being federally charged with illegal fentanyl is a serious matter that requires the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you are threatened with or facing these charges, it is essential to take them extremely seriously and work with an attorney to minimize their impact and move forward with your life.

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