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Criminal defense attorney, Lorraine Gauli-Rufo shares news and articles pertaining to criminal and federal law.


Early Termination of Supervised Release

We have been successful in obtaining a termination of supervised release for several clients. In August of 2022, and May 4, 2022, in the SDNY, we obtained an early termination of supervised release for two New York clients. And in October 2021, we obtained an order of...

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Probationary Plea

In August 2022, were just able to negotiate a probationary plea for a client charged with a substantial amount of illegal drugs in the district of New Jersey. We have had several successes with compassionate release motions in both NJ and SDNY.  For example,  after we...

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Grand Jury Investigations

Many people enter the criminal justice arena without being charged with any crime.  One way this can happen is the result of Grand Jury investigations.  Assistant United States Attorneys investigate potential federal crimes and often attempt to have an Indictment...

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U.S. v. Junior Abreu

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Contact An Attorney

Many of our clients contact an attorney because they are advised (or find out) that there is an ongoing investigation into potential federal criminal law violations revolving around them or their companies. While most criminal charges begin with an arrest, many people...

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When will the Feds Legalize Marijuana?

Last week, the House of Representatives passed a bill that would legalize marijuana by a 220-204 vote. However, this is not the first time such a bill passed the House in the last few years. The Democrats who are determined to get this bill passed will not get it...

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Hemphill v. New York

Hemphill v. New York Earlier this month, the Supreme Court issued an opinion that will provide greater protections for criminal defendants proceeding to trial in New York. In Hemphill v. New York, the Court reaffirmed and expounded upon their settled doctrine...

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Federal Criminal Defense Update

Federal Prisoners on Home Confinement due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Will Not be Returned to Prison “en masse.”  Many federal criminal defendants who have been released on home confinement, stand a much better chance of remaining out of jail.

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Legal Resources

As a  criminal defense attorney who practices in New York and New Jersey with a focus on federal criminal defense, my clients sometimes ask me for the names and contact information of other attorneys either practicing different types of law or practicing criminal law in areas other than the places LGR Law Group practices.  Here is a list of useful links to legal resources.