Why You Should Hire A Federal Criminal Defense Attorney if You are charged or threatened with a Federal Fraud Crime.

Many of our clients are first time offenders, and when they initially contact us they are scared to death, confused and they do not even  know whether their crime is federal or state.   The first thing we usually do is ask to see the charging documents so we can ascertain this very important factor.  Federal crimes are charged by prosecutors referred to as Assistant United States Attorneys.  State crimes are charged by state prosecutors sometimes referred to as Assistant District Attorneys.   While some aspects of federal and state criminal procedures are similar, they are governed by  rules of evidence and procedures that are specific to them.  If you are charged with a federal fraud offense, you should hire a federal criminal defense attorney to represent you.  Only a federal criminal defense attorney practicing in the district that you have been charged in will be familiar with the nuances and complexities of the rules of procedure and evidence that are used in the courts where your matter will be litigated.  Moreover, an experienced  federal criminal defense attorney will understand the different federal fraud charges that can be brought against you, and will know how to defend against them.

The Role of a Federal Criminal Fraud Lawyer in Defending You.

A Federal Criminal Defense Fraud Lawyer is someone who specializes in defending individuals charged or threatened with federal charges related to fraudulent activities.  There are many different statutes that govern fraud offenses, including statutes dealing with wire fraud, bank fraud, healthcare fraud and mail fraud, to name a few.    A federal criminal defense attorney who has handled many fraud related cases will be familiar with those statutes and will know  how to defend a client against the federal government.

The experience and knowledge of a federal criminal defense attorney with experience handling federal fraud cases will enable them to skillfully maneuver this complex legal landscape, ensuring that your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Not only should your attorney be experienced and knowledgeable in the area of law that you are charged, but they should treat your case on an individual basis.   Your federal criminal defense attorney should recognize that no two cases are alike and adapt their approach accordingly, blending legal expertise with a deep understanding of their clients’ backgrounds and situations.

They should also be compassionate and respectful, making you feel not only that you are in good hands, but that you are a person deserving of a robust defense.  Moreover, there exists a myth that simply hiring a lawyer ensures a victorious outcome. While skilled lawyers work diligently to achieve the best results possible for their clients, the legal landscape is complex and multifaceted.

Success in legal battles hinges on numerous factors, including the strength of evidence, legal precedents, courtroom dynamics, and unforeseen developments.  These are all factors that a good federal criminal defense attorney should possess.

The Significance of Hiring the Right Federal Crime Attorney to Represent you.

As noted above, the complexity of federal fraud statutes demand that your attorney be experienced handling these matters and have a reputation for success against the government.   We here at LGR Law, LLC, are the attorneys many turn to when charged or threatened with federal fraud crimes in New Jersey and New York.  We have been representing defendants charged with federal fraud crimes for over 30 years.   Our attorneys have tried numerous federal cases,   obtained many beneficial plea agreements for our clients – many where they avoid jail time, and we have even obtained straight out dismissals of federal charges.   Our attorneys have that combination of experience and skill that is necessary to achieve the best results for their clients, all the while maintaining their compassion for them at the same time.    Many of our clients immediately feel better after contacting us, and tell us they feel like they are in good hands from the start.

The Bottom Line

If you are charged or threatened with a federal fraud crime, contact the attorneys at LGR Law LLC today.   Lorraine Gauli-Rufo and her team have a great reputation of being tenacious fighters and fierce advocates for their clients, while treating their clients with respect and  compassion – a unique combination of experience and character that sets them apart from the rest.They will fight for your rights and project your freedom – contact the attorneys at LGR Law, LLC today.

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