Credit Card Fraud

If you find yourself facing federal credit card fraud charges, it is extremely important to contact an experienced federal defense attorney as soon as possible to best be able to fight your case. Federal credit card fraud is also called access device fraud, and criminalizes certain types of conduct including using or trafficking counterfeit access devices, possessing multiple counterfeit devices, using or possessing equipment to make counterfeit devices, and obtaining monetary benefit by use of a counterfeit access device.

In these sorts of cases, there can be a wide range of potential sentences and penalties. Often, one of the most significant factors that is considered in a potential sentence is the amount of monetary loss to either an individual entity or a bank or business. If the financial loss suffered by the victim in a credit card case is significant, the potential jail time will also be higher. Additionally, the potential for loss can also be considered, even if the actual amount lost was much lower. For example, a person with dozens of fraudulent credit cards would have the potential to charge hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars on them. This can be a consideration for potential sentences, even if the cards weren’t actually used to charge that much money.

In addition to the potential and actual monetary loss, another factor is the level of sophistication involved in the charges. If the conduct is part of a wider scheme that’s been going on for a significant times and is very difficult to track or identify, such conduct is likely to warrant a higher potential sentence than conduct that appears less sophisticated and over shorter period of time.

An experienced federal credit card fraud defense attorney can speak to you about potential defenses to federal credit card fraud charges. In order to obtain a conviction, the Government must demonstrate that your conduct was knowing and willful, and that it was your intention to defraud another party or entity. There may be evidence to support that you didn’t know you were using a fraudulent device, or that your conduct was not knowing or willful. The best way to protect your rights and liberty is to talk to a federal credit card fraud defense attorney as soon as possible.

If you are charged or threatened with federal credit card fraud charges, you need a federal criminal defense attorney. To discuss the federal criminal defense update or criminal law more generally, reach out to New Jersey and New York criminal defense lawyer Lorraine Gauli-Rufo at 973-239-4300 or LGR LAW for a consultation today. For more information about the firm, please visit LGR LAW’s website.

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