Grand Jury Target Letter

I received a Grand Jury Target letter from the United States Attorney’s Office ……. What should I do now?

Many people contact our office when they receive a visit from a federal agency such as the FBI, Postal Inspector or the DEA, who hand them a letter from the US Attorney’s office, informing them that they are the target or subject of an investigation. Sometimes these letters can be mailed to individuals directly. In either case, questions arise as to what people should do in that situation.

First, what these letters inform individuals is that there is an investigation into criminal activity being conducted at the US Attorney’s office, and that the office is of the opinion that YOU may somehow be involved in that. Federal criminal charges can involve serious penalties that can include years in prison. This is serious business.

The first thing you should do is contact a federal criminal defense attorney who has experience dealing with those letters, which are called “target letters.”  What you should not do is contact that agent or the US Attorney’s office yourself. To the extent that the Government can use anything you say against you… it will!

The lawyers at LGR Law, LLC are experienced federal criminal defense attorneys. We have dealt with many individuals who have been informed that they are the targets or subjects of federal investigations. In many situations we have been successful in avoiding criminal charges being brought against our clients. In other situations, early intervention by an experienced attorney can result in other resolutions beneficial to our clients.

When under investigation it is important to follow the advice of your attorney and not speak about the alleged crimes over social media. LGR Law, LLC’s federal criminal defense attorneys have the essential skills to protect your legal rights. Should you or a loved one receive any indication that you are a target of a federal investigation, contact Lorraine Gauli-Rufo, and the attorneys at LGR Law immediately. (973), [email protected]

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