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attorney talking with client with papers and gavel Criminal Defense Lawyer Newark, NJThere are times where people end up getting accused of crimes that they did not commit.  While there are many examples of this that could be provided, if someone is being framed for an act of violence or kidnapping that was not committed, a common example could be an incident that involves a husband and wife. For example, let’s say that a husband and wife are known to get into fights and arguments. One day, the wife ends up disappearing, because she was kidnapped. Even if the husband had nothing to do with the crime that happened against the wife, he would need a criminal defense lawyer Criminal Defense Lawyer Newark, NJ, because he may be at risk of being framed for what happened to his wife. There are other examples of when one may need to have a criminal defense lawyer as well; if you think you have a criminal case, contact a lawyer at LGR Law LLC today.


Shoplifting, otherwise known as being accused of stealing, is also a way that people can be accused of crimes that they did not commit. While there are cameras around stores, so that people can be monitored, when it comes to the whether there is evidence of stealing, other times, there can be bias when it comes to accusations. This is especially true, if there is racial bias, in relation to whether one is getting accused of stealing and being followed around, sometimes even to the point where the individual has the police called on them, and more. In short, when one is being accused of something that they did not do, whether that be something such as kidnapping, shoplifting, etc, they have the right to a criminal defense lawyer.

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One of the best ways to contact a criminal defense lawyer, would be to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Newark, New Jersey.  What a criminal defense lawyer would aid and assist with, would be focusing on questions that would revolve around the specifics around the case.  The reason why this would be very important, is because not every criminal defense case is black and white, and certain questions pertaining to the specific case would help a lawyer to better determine the solution to the problem, whether that be compensation, and more. For example, when it comes to the issues pertaining to the shoplifting scenario, some of the questions that could be asked would focus on what store was being visited when the person was accused of the crime, what time the incident occured, who the person that accused the individual of the crime was, and more. These factors would aid in breaking down the case in a strong manner, through a case by case analysis. Moreover, what is also beneficial is that lawyers working with cases also do more than just focus on criminal defense cases. However, there is a wide variety of cases that are handled, so that audiences are not alienated. A strong example of this, would be LGR Law LLC. While criminal defense attorney work has a strong focus, there is also a focus on bank robbery lawyers, healthcare fraud lawyers, federal criminal defense lawyers, and more.  This helps to increase variety in the work that is done, within a legal practice system. Contact a criminal defense lawyer in Newark, NJ today for help with your case.