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Criminal Defense Lawyer Newark, NJCriminal Defense Lawyer Newark, NJ

There are times when people end up getting accused of crimes that they did not commit.  While there are many examples of this that could be provided, if someone is being framed for an act of violence or kidnapping that was not committed, a common example could be an incident that involves a husband and wife. For example, let’s say that a husband and wife are known to get into fights and arguments. One day, the wife ends up disappearing, because she was kidnapped. Even if the husband had nothing to do with the crime that happened against his wife, he would need a criminal defense lawyer Criminal Defense Lawyer Newark, NJ, because he may be at risk of being framed for what happened to his wife. There are other examples of when one may need to have a criminal defense lawyer as well; if you think you have a criminal case, contact a lawyer at LGR Law LLC today.


Shoplifting, otherwise known as being accused of stealing, is also a way that people can be accused of crimes that they did not commit. While there are cameras around stores, so that people can be monitored, when it comes to the whether there is evidence of stealing, other times, there can be bias when it comes to accusations. This is especially true, if there is racial bias, in relation to whether one is getting accused of stealing and being followed around, sometimes even to the point where the individual has the police called on them, and more. In short, when one is being accused of something that they did not do, whether that be something such as kidnapping, shoplifting, etc, they have the right to a criminal defense lawyer.

Contact a Lawyer

One of the best ways to contact a criminal defense lawyer, would be to contact a criminal defense lawyer in Newark, New Jersey.  What a criminal defense lawyer would aid and assist with, would be focusing on questions that would revolve around the specifics around the case.  The reason why this would be very important, is because not every criminal defense case is black and white, and certain questions pertaining to the specific case would help a lawyer to better determine the solution to the problem, whether that be compensation, and more. For example, when it comes to the issues pertaining to the shoplifting scenario, some of the questions that could be asked would focus on what store was being visited when the person was accused of the crime, what time the incident occured, who the person that accused the individual of the crime was, and more. These factors would aid in breaking down the case in a strong manner, through a case by case analysis. Moreover, what is also beneficial is that lawyers working with cases also do more than just focus on criminal defense cases. However, there is a wide variety of cases that are handled, so that audiences are not alienated. A strong example of this, would be LGR Law LLC. While criminal defense attorney work has a strong focus, there is also a focus on bank robbery lawyers, healthcare fraud lawyers, federal criminal defense lawyers, and more.  This helps to increase variety in the work that is done, within a legal practice system. Contact a criminal defense lawyer in Newark, NJ today for help with your case.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Assist

A criminal defense lawyer Newark, NJ turns to from LGR Law, LLC can be of vital importance in a criminal defense case. That is because our lawyers who specialize in this type of law have ample experience and knowledge of what goes on in these types of cases. We understand the nuances that may arise in these cases and how the opposing legal team will go about trying to prove their case. Our strategy to help our clients is one that can make our clients feel at ease and confident about their case and/or trial. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Helping Protect Your Rights

When a case reaches trial it is important to understand your rights as a person. It’s your right to have a speedy trial, be represented by a lawyer, have a fair trial, to be able to defend yourself, be innocent until proven guilty, and have evidence presented. The United States guarantees these rights and these rights should not be broken or taken advantage of. If your case ends up reaching trial then it is important to remember these important things. Our lawyers will be there at every step to ensure that you have a fair trial and that all angles are observed and reasonings are given for why things occurred in the manner that they did. 

Things That Could Happen at Trial

Our firm understands the different things that could potentially happen at trial. There have been many cases where the evidence being presented is rather questionable in nature. Tests that have been conducted aren’t always explained very well about how a conclusion was made. Another thing that happens in some cases is that a false confession was made by the person on trial. Certain interrogation tactics used by law enforcement can force a suspect into a false confession. Testimonies made by people who claimed to be at the scene are also not the most reliable testimonies in some cases. The longer that time goes on from the incident in question the more gray that memories or understandings about what happened can be. It’s always important to know about these different things that could happen at trial. Contact our firm today to speak with a Newark criminal defense lawyer. 

Lack of Evidence
One of the best things a criminal defense lawyer Newark, NJ clients trust at LGR Law, LLC can do for you is to hold the state to a burden of proof. The prosecution may attempt to reframe the trial in a way to make the accused feel like the burden of evidence is on them, when this isn’t true. It is not the defendant who has to prove what happened, it is the prosecutor’s job to show beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused is guilty of the crime, and failing to succeed in this can result in a dropped charge. A defense lawyer must take steps to show that the prosecution has gaps or inaccuracies in their theory against you.

In certain criminal cases, the defense of consent may be used. Such a defense is only applicable in criminal offenses that entail an act against another person. The defense would not be suitable for an act that is criminal no matter if there was consent or not, such as statutory rape or murder. There are a couple categories of offenses where a consent defense would apply, including sex crimes and financial crimes. Whether the victim consented to a sexual act is often central to these types of offenses. And for financial crimes, consent may be used to show that someone was authorized to use or access checking accounts, credit cards, vehicles, etc.

Actual Innocence
It is one angle to claim that the state has failed to show someone is guilty, and it is another to show that the person is actually completely innocent of the charges against them. In some cases, this defense gives the accused the best odds of acquittal. But in other times, simply stating that the person is innocent is not enough. It is common for defendants to stand in their own defense if they are relying on actual innocence. Your Newark criminal defense lawyer can let you know if this angle may be helpful in your case, as the jury will want to hear a defendant’s story from them directly.

Constitutional Violations
Police are not allowed to act in any manner they want in order to make an arrest, despite the prevalent and tragic news stories that depict otherwise. Police are held to expectations and are not permitted to violate the rights of the public. Law enforcement has to have reasonable suspicion that someone committed a crime before they can halt them and investigate further. An even higher standard applies if an officer wants to search someone or perform an arrest without a warrant. Police that cannot articulate a reasonable cause for stopping the accused, doing a search, and arresting them, could be found in violation of the defendant’s constitutional rights.

The insanity defense may be used frequently in television, however, in real life the insanity defense is rarely utilized. But as a Newark criminal defense lawyer knows, there are situations when it would be appropriate to use. One of the issues with this defense is that it admits guilt but places blame on the defendant’s lack of mental capacity when committing the crime. This is problematic if a jury does not believe in the defense, since the defendant has essentially admitted to the crime in itself. If the insanity defense is successful, the defendant may be forced into being institutionalized, which is why you should contact LGR Law, LLC today for help.

Trying to Defense Yourself

While some people think it is a wise idea to represent yourself at trial the reality is that it is difficult. It’s certainly possible for someone to gather all the necessary documents and keep track of a timeline of events. It’s also possible for some to consider evidence against them and do their best to refute it. Furthermore, they could also have the confidence and motivation to defend themselves. However, the longer a case goes on or when certain questions arise from the opposing party’s legal team things can get tricky. That is why it is advised to turn to a professional who has experience and understands the different directions that the trial or case may turn. It’s important to give yourself a better chance at a successful trial or case. Reach out to us today to speak with a criminal defense lawyer Newark, NJ turns to from LGR Law, LLC.