Wrongly Convicted Individuals

Why are people wrongfully convicted? Due in part to the wonderful work of people like those associated with the Innocence Project –  many defendants who were wrongfully convicted are exonerated. However, many of these people have already served several years in prison. How does this happen that innocent people can be convicted of crimes they did not do?

According to the Innocence Project, wrongful convictions happen for several reasons. One of these reasons is eyewitness misidentification. There are many variables that contribute to witness misidentification including faulty memories, cross racial identification issues and faulty law enforcement procedures. The advent of DNA utilization has highlighted the inherent problems with eyewitness identification – as DNA has vindicated many defendants who were convicted based primarily on witness identification. Another issue contributing to wrongful convictions is false confessions, are the result of coercive and deceptive tactics used during interrogation; as well as the confessors stress, mental exhaustion or promises of more lenient sentences. There are attempts to change laws and regulations of law enforcement in order to help reduce the amount of false confessions. One other factor contributing to wrong convictions is that the accused has an inadequate defense. According to the Innocence Project, not only is the result of lack of experience and attorney misconduct during trial, but also

“lawyers who represent poor people often lack the resources necessary to investigate and defend against the evidence marshaled by robust police departments, prosecutor offices, and crime labs. Without investigators, experts, training, and compensation, defense counsel cannot meaningfully challenge the government’s case and the odds of a wrongful conviction increase.”[1]

There are several other reasons the innocence project attributes to wrongful convictions including coerced pleas, police misconduct, harmful surveillance and investigative techniques and misapplication of forensic science.

If you or someone you love is charged or threatened with a federal crime, you should contact lawyers who are experienced and aware of the issues that result in wrongful convictions.

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[1] https://innocenceproject.org/

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