New Jersey and New York City Cyber Crime Lawyers Can Assist With Providing Criminal Defense

New Jersey and New York City cyber crime lawyers can help you with a defense against these kinds of criminal charges.

Understanding The Various Forms Of Cyber Crime

There are many different kinds of cybercrime that you will need to understand when there is the possibility of facing charges. Some of the more frequently occurring cyber crimes include:

  • Hacking: This often involves using a computer to enter another system without permission and stealing its contents. These crimes can range from small to more serious levels including terrorist acts and grand theft.
  • Installing a Virus: If malware or viruses are created and installed on computers to wreak havoc on another’s computer system or to steal information, this is a crime.
  • Identity Theft: As the name implies, this happens when the personal information of others is taken and used by the identity thief. It can be to open fraudulent credit card accounts, steal from them directly, and for numerous other reasons.
  • Phishing” Acting as a representative from a legitimate individual or business, it is possible to coerce the target into providing personal information for illegal use.
Possible Penalties For Cyber Crimes

While some might not believe that a computer crime is serious, it can actually lead to harsh penalties including incarceration. Cyberstalking, possession of pornography involving underage people, and other crimes can lead to a long prison sentence and the requirement to register as a sex offender. Chat rooms are often a major source of trouble for adults who have sexually explicit conversations with people they believe are underage, but are in reality undercover law enforcement officers seeking to catch them.

Contact Experienced Montclair Cyber Crime Lawyers

To discuss the federal criminal defense update, or criminal law more generally, reach out to New Jersey and New York criminal defense lawyer Lorraine Gauli-Rufo at 973-239-4300 or at LGR LAW for a consultation today. For more information about the firm, please visit LGR LAW’s website.

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