Lora v. United States – Defending federal charges

Last month, the Supreme Court decided Lora v. United States, holding that 18 USC § 924(j) may be imposed either consecutively or concurrently. Efraim Lora was convicted of a violation of § 924(j), which penalizes using a gun during a drug or violent crime to “cause the death of a person” where “the killing is a murder.” Lora’s underlying offense was drug trafficking. At sentencing, the District Court concluded that it lacked discretion to run Lora’s drug and §924(j) sentences concurrently because, like §924(c) (which governs using a gun in connection with another felony offense), the same requirement for consecutive sentences governed §924(j) sentences as well.

The Supreme Court disagreed and held that “Congress plainly chose a different approach to punishment in subsection (j) than in subsection (c).” The Court noted that 924(c), “which was enacted in 1968, is full of mandatory penalties… Subsection (j), by contrast, generally eschews mandatory penalties in favor of sentencing flexibility… Even for murder, subsection (j) expressly permits a sentence of ‘any term of years.’ This follows the same pattern as several other provisions enacted alongside subsection (j) in the Federal Death Penalty Act of 1994.”

Five federal appellate courts had held that 924(j) was a mandatory consecutive penalty. Only the 10th and 11th Circuit Courts of Appeal held otherwise.

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