Early Termination of Federal Probation or Supervised Release

Here are LGR Law, LLC, we represent many individuals in their requests for early termination of probation (18 U.S. Code § 3565(c))  or for early termination  of supervised release (18 USC§ 3583(e)). Both statutes require that the client have served at least one year on supervision before early termination may be granted.  And both statutes grant authority to the Court to order early termination if the Court determines after considering a variety of factors, that such action is warranted by the conduct of the defendant and the interest of justice.

The Court is specifically directed to review the 18 USC § 3553(a) factors (sentencing factors) when determining whether early termination is appropriate.  That means that the Court with look at the history and characteristics of the defendant, as well as the nature of the underlying criminal charge, among other factors.   The Court may also consider the following: whether the defendant was compliant with all conditions while on supervision; whether there were any new arrests or convictions while on supervision; whether the defendant has any history of violence; whether there is any risk to public or specific victims in early termination; whether restitution payments were made; whether the defendant was compliant with all directed treatment plans while on supervision; and whether the defendant obtained and/or maintained employment.

Since probation will have to set forth their position as to early termination, it is important that the defendant have a good relationship with their probation officer while under supervision.  The probation officer’s input is usually weighed heavily by the Court.  The Court will  also obtain and consider the position of the Government though the Assistant United States Attorney’s office.

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