Verdicts We’ve Gotten

Criminal defense attorney, Lorraine Gauli-Rufo shares verdicts and judgements for her clients.


Why are there so few federal criminal trials?

On a general level, federal and state criminal charges are similar in several ways.  The standard of proof is the same, and everyone is presumed innocent and entitled to a trial by a jury. Everyone is familiar with the standard of proof in criminal matters – the...

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How Can You Represent People Who Know Are Guilty?

Once people learn that I am a federal criminal defense attorney, they frequently then ask me “How can you represent people who you know are guilty?”  The answer is this – everyone is entitled to the protections of our Constitution.  The Amendments to the Constitution...

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Federal False Claims Act

False Claims Act – 18 USC § 287. According to the Department of Justice website, “Settlements and judgments under the False Claims Act exceeded $2.68 billion in the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2023…”[1] This figure constitutes 543 settlements and judgments, which the...

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Should I Talk to the Police Without an Attorney?

Many of our clients were approached by federal law enforcement agents prior to retaining us.  When the federal government is investigating a potential criminal matter, and before formal charges are brought, agents frequently will contact the person and ask them to...

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Wrongly Convicted Individuals

Why are people wrongfully convicted? Due in part to the wonderful work of people like those associated with the Innocence Project –  many defendants who were wrongfully convicted are exonerated. However, many of these people have already served several years in...

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Guilty of a crime? What should you do?

We have represented many individuals charged with crimes. Sometimes we can get the charges dismissed.  However, if we cannot, the next question is how should they proceed.  Should they plead guilty or proceed to trial?  How about if they are in fact guilty of the...

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Securities Fraud

Exchange Commission.  Mr. Jarkesy, the owner of two hedge funds, was facing multiple counts of securities fraud in a suit initiated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In 2020, Jarkesy was found guilty of securities fraud in an evidentiary hearing by an...

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Federal Criminal Law

Many people call our firm not knowing if their case involves criminal law – let alone federal criminal law.  LGR Law, LLC is a law firm focused on defending those charged or threatened with federal crimes in Manhattan, White Plains, and  New Jersey. The following is...

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