Probationary Plea

In August 2022, were just able to negotiate a probationary plea for a client charged with a substantial amount of illegal drugs in the district of New Jersey.

We have had several successes with compassionate release motions in both NJ and SDNY.  For example,  after we filed a compassionate release motion for a client in the District of NJ, we received a reduction of his sentence to time served by the Hon. Esther Salas in August 2021.  That same month and year, we filed a compassionate release motion in SDNY, and the Hon. Alison J. Nathan, reduced our client’s sentence to time served as well.  A year prior, Judge Swain, in the SDNY had reduced our client’s sentence to time served after we filed a compassionate release motion.  We are in the process of preparing several new compassionate release motions for clients currently.

Our firm is always ready and willing to defend our clients in any case and jurisdiction. Many of our clients contact an attorney because they are advised (or find out) that there is an ongoing investigation into potential federal criminal law violations revolving around them or their companies. While most criminal charges begin with an arrest, many people are brought into the criminal process when they are approached by federal law enforcement officers or threatened with criminal charges by a letter sent to them from the United States Attorney’s Office. These individuals are considered federal grand jury targets – they are the “target” or “subject” of a federal criminal investigation.   Some people are also advised to be considered a “witness” of an investigation rather than the subject or target.  In either situation, it is essential to have a federal criminal defense attorney who can lead you through the frightening and complex area of grand jury investigations.

Experience shows that having an attorney get involved in the process as early as possible can frequently be beneficial. The attorney should be licensed to practice in the federal jurisdiction where the charges are being investigated and be familiar with the court system and the Assistant United States Attorneys and federal agents in that location.  Suffice it to say, this cannot be overstated; no one should speak to the Government or any federal agent without an attorney.  Many people believe that since they have nothing to hide, they should be able to speak freely to the Government.  However, that action has frequently turned out to have a detrimental effect.

We will do anything to guide you through the legal process and win your case. LGR Law has over twenty years of experience in defense laws. Let an experienced criminal defense attorney defend your rights in federal court. Ms. Gauli-Rufo provides quality representation based on each of her client’s individual needs and circumstances.  No two cases are the same, and the representation of each client should be tailored to the facts and circumstances of their particular case. Lorraine Gauli-Rufo has invaluable experience not only with white-collar crimes but as a gun and drug crime lawyer in New Jersey and NYC, as well as other surrounding cities.  She has vast experience, having successfully tried cases involving money laundering, mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, mortgage fraud, securities fraud, firearms, immigration, child pornography, computer, internet, environmental matters, and many other federal offenses. LGR Law, LLC is the person you should seek to defend you in any federal criminal matter.


To discuss the federal criminal defense update or criminal law more generally, reach out to New Jersey and New York criminal defense lawyer Lorraine Gauli-Rufo at 973-239-4300 or LGR LAW for a consultation today. For more information about the firm, please visit LGR LAW’s website.

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