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Criminal defense attorney, Lorraine Gauli-Rufo shares news and articles pertaining to criminal and federal law.


Guilty of a crime? What should you do?

We have represented many individuals charged with crimes. Sometimes we can get the charges dismissed.  However, if we cannot, the next question is how should they proceed.  Should they plead guilty or proceed to trial?  How about if they are in fact guilty of the...

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Securities Fraud

Exchange Commission.  Mr. Jarkesy, the owner of two hedge funds, was facing multiple counts of securities fraud in a suit initiated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In 2020, Jarkesy was found guilty of securities fraud in an evidentiary hearing by an...

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Federal Criminal Law

Many people call our firm not knowing if their case involves criminal law – let alone federal criminal law.  LGR Law, LLC is a law firm focused on defending those charged or threatened with federal crimes in Manhattan, White Plains, and  New Jersey. The following is...

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Federal False Claims Act

The Federal False Claims Act (“FCA”) dates back to the year 1863, when it was enacted because of defense contractor fraud that occurred during the Civil War. Today it is used in many situations, particularly in allegations of healthcare fraud brought by the...

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Grand Jury Target Letter

I received a Grand Jury Target letter from the United States Attorney’s Office ……. What should I do now? Many people contact our office when they receive a visit from a federal agency such as the FBI, Postal Inspector or the DEA, who hand them a letter from the US...

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Eliminating a Quantifiably Unjust Application

In September 2021, a coalition in Congress introduced the Eliminating a Quantifiably Unjust Application of the Law (EQUAL) Act to eliminate federal crack and powder cocaine sentencing disparities. The disparity between crack and powder cocaine in sentencing has its...

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2023 on Review at LGR Law Group

We here at LGR Law Group wish all of you a healthy, happy and safe New Year in 2024. We also looked back to 2023 and reviewed the many successful resolutions that we were able to obtain for our clients. We are grateful we were able to help so many people last year who...

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United States v. Pikus

In July 2022, the Second Circuit heard the case United States v. Pikus, 39 F.4th 39 (2d Cir. 2022) to answer an important question as to what constitutes an unreasonable delay that would violate a defendant’s Constitutional right to a speedy trail. In 1972, the...

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Amendment 821 Makes Changes To Criminal History Rules

In November of this year, the United States Sentencing Commission adopted amendments to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines. Amendment 821 makes changes to criminal history rules, which could reduce guideline ranges for certain offenders.  One of these amendments...

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