Bitcoin Fraud Charge

Bitcoin fraud is a crime that the federal government has recently focused on and has initiated charges against many individuals.  This type of fraud is a serious crime that can involve allegations of deceiving individuals or organizations out of their bitcoin holdings. It can be committed in a variety of ways, such as through phishing scams, Ponzi schemes, fake investment opportunities, and other forms of online fraud. If you have been charged or threatened with bitcoin fraud charge, it is important to understand the potential consequences and take steps to protect your rights.

The potential consequences can involve jail time, probation, hefty fines, restitution and even forfeiture of your assets. You need an experienced criminal defense attorney who can advise you about these consequences and help you navigate the extremely complex arena of the criminal justice system.

Whether you are approached by law enforcement or charged with a crime, it is crucial to seek legal counsel as soon as possible.  Remember, any statements you make to law enforcement can and will be used against you in a court of law. An experienced and  skilled criminal defense attorney will help you protect your constitutional rights, including your right against self-incrimination.

The burden of proof lies with the prosecution, meaning they must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you committed each and every element of the crime charged involving bitcoin fraud.  While this can be a difficult standard to meet, especially if there is little or no physical evidence linking you to the crime, your criminal defense attorney is in a position to evaluate the prosecution’s case and advise you accordingly.

At LGR Law, we are experienced federal criminal defense lawyers in New Jersey and New York.  We also provide defense to state criminal matters. Lorraine Gauli-Rufo and her staff have nearly 35 years of federal and state criminal law experience in New York and New Jersey courts. We will protect your freedom and fight for your rights if you are charged or threatened with a federal criminal matter. Contact LGR law at 973-239-4300 or visit our website at for a free consultation today.

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