2023 on Review at LGR Law Group

We here at LGR Law Group wish all of you a healthy, happy and safe New Year in 2024. We also looked back to 2023 and reviewed the many successful resolutions that we were able to obtain for our clients. We are grateful we were able to help so many people last year who were charged with federal crimes in New York and New Jersey (as well as some clients charged with New Jersey State matters). We have set forth some of our successes below, which include many of our clients’ receiving substantial downward variances at sentencing, to the outright dismissal of charges. In 2024 we will continue to fight the fight – helping people who are charged or threatened with federal criminal matters. We will continue to dedicate our efforts to seeking and/or obtaining the best resolutions for our clients. At LGR Law Group, we fight for your rights and protect your freedom.

January 2023

  • USA v. EB (SDNY): Money laundering/wire fraud charges. Sentencing Guidelines (“USSG”) had an advisory range of between 135 – 188 months in jail. Client received time-served sentence (which amounted to one day in jail).
  • USA v. DH (DNJ): Possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine charges. Guidelines suggested 10-16 months in prison. Client received time-served sentence (one day in jail).
  • USA v. DC (SDNY): Drug conspiracy charges. Guidelines suggested 30 – 37 months in prison. US Probation requested 30 months and the AUSA requested a USSG sentence (between 30 -37). Client received an 8-month prison sentence (a 28-month downward variance).

February 2023

  • USA v. JP (SDNY): Violation of supervised release with a potential 2-year statutory maximum sentence for various violations. US Probation sought 13 months in prison. Client received an 8-month sentence with no supervision to follow.
  • USA v. IR (DNJ): Possession with intent to distribute charges. Client was facing an advisory Guideline range of between 46 – 57 months in prison. US Probation and Government sought within Guideline sentence. Client received probationary sentence (a 46-month downward variance)
  • USA v. AVR (SDNY): Client was charged with transporting in the US an extremely large amount of illegal drugs. His Guidelines were between 108 and 135 months in prison. Client received a 36-month sentence, a 68-month downward variance.

March 2023

  • USA v. KS (DNJ): Client was charged with distributing a large amount of illegal drugs. His Guidelines were 210 – 262 months in prison. Client received a 168-month sentence (a 42-month downward variance).
  • State v. MF (State NJ): We were able to get the State in Bergen County to outrightly dismiss four charges against our client: 3rd degree terroristic threats, 4th degree unlawful possession of a weapon, 3rd degree criminal mischief, and 4th degree stalking.

April 2023

  • USA v. DV (SDNY): Client facing potential of between 151 – 180 months in prison for a drug conspiracy matter. Probation asked for 48 months in jail, and the Government argued that client’s Guidelines were between 151 and 188 months in prison. Client received a sentence of 36 months in prison (over a 100-month downward variance).

May 2023

  • USA v. ER (DNJ): Client was facing between 21 – 28 months in prison and received one year probation for wire fraud.
  • USA v. Goodman (DNJ): Client was charged with conspiracy to distribute drugs. His Guidelines were between 46 -57 months in prison. We were able to obtain a Rule (c)(1)(C) plea for client to a term of probation. He was sentenced to five years’ probation.

June 2023

  • USA v. RV (SDNY): Client (who had absconded after pleading guilty and was MIA for over a year) pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bank fraud and the Government sought a sentence of 30 months plus a consecutive sentence for a related Violation of Supervised Release. Client received a 24-month sentence, and only two additional months for the Supervised Release violation.

July 2023

  • USA v. SP (SDNY): Client was allegedly a career offender with a potential sentence of between 155 – 188 months in prison for drug distribution. Client received as sentence of 86 months.
  • USA v. EM (SDNY): Client committed a Hobbs Act Robbery leaving the victim paralyzed. Government requested an above Guideline sentence of 180 months. Client received a Guideline sentence of 108 months.
  • USA v. DW (DNJ): Client convicted of carjacking, received a sentence of 60 months. His advisory Guidelines were between 92 – 115. We were able to negotiate a Rule 11 (c) (1)(C) plea agreement for 60 months.

August 2023

  • State v. LJ (State NJ): Client received probation sentence for three second degree drug offenses.
  • USA v. AC (DNJ): Client charged with murder for hire with Guidelines close to 10 years. Obtained a Rule 11 (c)(1)(C) plea for client requiring client to serve 36 months in prison, which client was sentenced to.

September 2023

  • USA v. TD(DNJ): We were able to get drug and felon in possession (firearm) charges dismissed with prejudice against our client.
  • USA v. JO (SDNY): Client charged with PPP and EIDL loan fraud with a $200,000 amount of loss, received a one-year probation sentence.
  • USA v. Moore (DNJ): Client charged with drugs and a gun and was on Federal Supervised Release when charged. We were able to secure a Rule 11 (c)(1)(C) plea with a sentence of between 24 – 36 months in prison. Client received a 24-month sentence, and the Court imposed no additional time for his Violation of Supervised Release.
  • USA v. DL (SDNY): Client charged with drug conspiracy. His Guidelines were between 135 and 168 months in prison, and both the Government and Probation recommended 135 months in prison. Client received a 60-month sentence.
  • USA v. EB (SDNY): Client charged with PPP and EIDL loan fraud whose Guidelines recommended a prison sentence, and who ultimately received a 15-month probationary sentence.
  • USA v. OA (SDNY) Client charged with fentanyl drug conspiracy with Guidelines of between 130 and 168 months in prison. Client received 120-month sentence.

October 2023

  • USA v. JO (SDNY): Client charged in drug conspiracy (meth) facing potential Guideline sentence of between 292 – 365. Probation recommended a 180-month sentence, and client received 130-month sentence.
  • USA v. KW(DNJ): Client charged with fraud in relation to receiving veteran benefits. Court varied downward from a 12 to18 month custodial sentence and sentenced client to probation.

November 2023

  • USA v. ST(DNJ): Client charged with drug conspiracy and guns with a Guideline range of between 106 – 117. We secured a Rule (c)(1)(C) plea for client for a sentence between 72 – 90 months in prison. Government asked for a 90-month sentence. Court sentenced client to 75 months.

December 2023

  • USA v. MT(SDNY): Client in a drug conspiracy was facing 27 -33 months pursuant to the Sentencing Guidelines. The Court varied downward to 20 months.
  • USA v. FPL (DNJ): Client (who had been living in the US since he was an infant) was facing deportation with a felon in possession charge (federal firearms offense). While collaborating with client’s immigration attorney, we were able to obtain a plea to a misprision (with a 364-day sentence) to avoid client’s deportation.=

These are only some of the outcomes that resulted from our hard work, knowledge and dedication to our clients at LGR Law Group, and we will continue to bring these same attributes to the table in working for our clients in 2024.

When under investigation it is important to follow the advice of your attorney and not speak about the alleged crimes over social media. LGR Law, LLC’s federal criminal defense attorneys have the essential skills to protect your legal rights. Should you or a loved one receive any indication that you are a target of a federal investigation, contact Lorraine Gauli-Rufo, and the attorneys at LGR Law immediately. (973) 239-4300, www.lgrlawgroup.com, [email protected]

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