New Jersey Securities Fraud Lawyer

Securities Fraud Lawyer New Jersey

Securities Fraud Lawyer New Jersey sits down with woman to discuss case writing down notes in front of gavelIn the State of New Jersey, securities fraud is an extremely serious offense, and can result in severe penalties, including jail time and fines if you do not have the help of a securities fraud lawyer New Jersey residents trust. If you find yourself or someone you love charged with securities fraud, call upon a lawyer to ensure that your rights are protected and that you receive every opportunity possible to defend yourself against these charges. An attorney can help you to understand these charges and what your best defense might be. Here are five things such as a securities fraud lawyer does to help their clients who are facing these types of charges; contact an attorney today at LGR Law, LLC for help!

Investigating the Crime

A lawyer should start by investigating the crime. In many cases, the first thing a securities fraud lawyer should do is investigate the company to determine whether it has been committing any type of wrongdoing. If wrongdoing is found, then it’s important for the lawyer to find out if there are any other victims of this wrongdoing, and if so, how to best reach out to them.

Understanding the Offense

Pursuant to the definition in Chapter 39 of the Criminal Code of 2012, an individual commits securities fraud when: (1) he or she knowingly, with the intent to defraud, engages in conduct that results in a material misstatement or omission about a security; and (2) he or she does so with intent to deceive either another person or a regulatory authority. The individual must know that his or her statement is false and/or misleading, and intends for it to be acted upon by others.

Planning for the Defense

A New Jersey securities fraud lawyer may gather any evidence, interview witnesses and the defendant, and present the case to a jury. They may also negotiate a plea agreement on behalf of their client. When negotiating a plea agreement, they’ll take into account the strength of the evidence against their client, as well as their background information and financial situation. For some defendants who do not want to risk going to trial or are more likely than not going to lose at trial based on current law, it is in their best interest to negotiate a plea agreement before being indicted or having charges filed against them.

Presenting a Strong Defense Case

Investigating securities fraud cases is no easy task. It takes a thorough understanding of the law and an eye for detail, which is why it’s important to know what a lawyer in NJ can do for you. Each case has its own nuances and needs, so your best bet is to work with someone who understands your case thoroughly – that’s where we come in. We’ll make sure your side of the story gets heard.

Consulting with Expert Witnesses

When a securities fraud lawyer is hired to investigate a securities fraud case, the first thing they do is consult with expert witnesses. Expert witnesses can provide insight into what happened and who was involved in the fraud. For example, an accountant might be able to say how much money was lost or if there were any discrepancies in the financials. An accountant might also be able to say if there were any red flags that should have been noticed before things got out of hand.

If you are in need of a New Jersey securities fraud lawyer, contact one today at LGR Law, LLC for help!