Cedar Grove Money Laundering Lawyer

Money Laundering Lawyer Cedar Grove, NJ

Money Laundering Lawyer Cedar Grove, NJ- upclose shot of moneyIf you are under investigation for money laundering or you have already been charged with this offense, the time to speak with a skilled money laundering lawyer Cedar Grove, NJ residents trust is now. All too often, individuals who are facing the potential consequences associated with white-collar crime do not take their legal situation as seriously as those who are facing charges for violent, drug-related, or even impaired driving offenses. In reality, dealing with a conviction for a white-collar crime can be every bit as consequential to someone’s life. In cases where someone is barred from practicing their profession as a result of a conviction, it can be even more life-altering then some other convictions might be.

Money Laundering Lawyer Cedar Grove, NJ

Connecting with the experienced legal team at LGR Law, LLC will place you in the strongest possible position to defend your rights. Why? Not every criminal defense firm practices white-collar defense but our team has significant experiences defending the rights of individuals just like you. Contact us today to learn about your rights and options under the law. Once we’ve been alerted to your situation, we can explain our approach to white-collar defense representation and you can make an informed decision about whether you’d like to retain our services or not.  

Defending Against Money Laundering Charges

As our Cedar Grove money laundering lawyer team is well aware, there are many different circumstances under which someone could be charged with a money laundering offense. As a result, there is no “one size fits all” approach that we take when crafting a money laundering defense strategy.

For example, one individual’s circumstances may be best defended by insisting that the individual in question had no intent to conceal the money that was allegedly being laundered. Another individual may be best defended by proving that they had no knowledge that the money being laundered was being utilized for an unlawful purpose. Another defendant may be clearly guilty but may have their conviction risk mitigated if it can be proven that evidence used by prosecutors was seized in violation of the defendant’s Fourth Amendment rights and, therefore, should be excluded at trial.

When you hire our firm to represent your interests, we won’t simply resort to whatever defense tactics we’ve used that have been successful in the past. We’ll carefully assess your unique situation and tailor your defense accordingly.

Not a Glamorous Crime
Too many think that money laundering is a glamorous crime, until they themselves get accused of it, and need assistance from a money laundering lawyer New Jersey clients depend on at LGR Law, LLC. It isn’t easy to pretend that large heaps of money do not exist or that they are not in your possession, not when each banknote comes along with a series of numbers for tracking and electronic cards that record every transaction. The government instituted measures to make it easier for laundering to be caught by investigators. For instance, there are stricter requirements for providing information about those associated with corporations, making it more difficult to hide secret assets.

Lacking Intent to Commit
Unless you purposefully misrepresented your finances to make it seem like your business was getting funds or assets through business activities, when those proceeds were from unlawful activities such as illegal gambling or drug dealing, then you are not guilty of committing money laundering. You may be able to state that in your defense, the inaccuracies for your business records were unintentional errors. You may also claim that the illegal funds were properly recorded in the accounting records, but that you were not aware that they came from illegal means.

Duress Money Laundering
There are many factors that influence our behavior, and being threatened is one of them. Depending on the circumstances of the laundering, you may be able to argue that you only illegally obtained funds because someone threatened you with violence or another terrible consequence if you did not commit laundering. If this is the situation for you or a loved one, this means you are the victim of extortion, not being guilty of money laundering. During the consultation with your lawyer, be sure to be forthcoming about all the aspects of what you went through, in case duress could be used as a strategy in your defense.

Unlawfully Obtained Proof
As your lawyer may explain, if you are being accused of committing money laundering or another crime, you cannot be charged if law enforcement violated your rights. Evidence is not permissible in court if officers were not within their rights to obtain evidence against you. For instance, if authorities seized records for your accounts without having a warrant, this can be a violation of your amendment rights. If you suspect unlawfully obtained proof happened to you, then your New Jersey money laundering lawyer can investigate further.

Contacting a Lawyer
Anytime that someone is accused of a crime is a time to contact a New Jersey money laundering lawyer. Money laundering is a serious offense that can result in steep penalties and repercussions that affect a person’s life and family. A criminal defense lawyer can assess the situation, and inform you as to which defense strategy is most suitable for the case against you. You and your lawyer can work together to gather evidence that supports your side of the story. And if deeper investigations need to be had, your lawyer can tackle that as well. All in all, those who are accused of a crime must take action immediately to protect themselves and their future.



Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have not already done so, connect with the reputable legal team at LGR Law, LLC so that a Cedar Grove money laundering lawyer on our staff can begin aggressively defending your rights and preserving your legal options. Whether you are under investigation or you’ve already been charged with a money laundering offense, there is no time to waste when it comes to crafting the strongest defense strategy possible on your behalf. Call or reach out online now to start protecting your interests and your future. We look forward to speaking with you.

What elements have to be proved for money laundering?
As your New Jersey money laundering lawyer from LGR Law, LLC can explain, for the state of New Jersey, convictions for money laundering happen when the prosecution can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the property or funds in question were obtained through criminal activity, and the profit from that activity was used in a manner intended to conceal that it originated from unlawful conduct. The defendant would have intentionally eluded state or federal reporting requirements in regards to the money or property involved. The defendant must have orchestrated, overseen, financed, managed, or controlled the movement of these funds or property, and that they knew (or should have known) it was derived from criminal conduct.

How long does someone have to go to jail?
There is no general answer to this question, since it will depend on the factors of the crime at hand. However, if your case involves half a million dollars or more and is deemed a first-degree offense, then you may have to serve as long as twenty years if convicted. But lesser degree offenses result in less jail time than that. Since judges have vast discretion in the sentencing for your case, your New Jersey money laundering lawyer can come to your defense and aim to get the lowest possible repercussions, even if you are still convicted of money laundering. Because of the complex nature of charges like these and the long-term consequences for them, it’s wise to speak with a lawyer as soon as you know you are under investigation.

Are there other consequences for a conviction?
When faced with money laundering charges in New Jersey, the defendant may also risk possible penalties associated with the conviction. The statutes for New Jersey against money laundering are harsher than what the federal government enforces. Some possible penalties in addition to jail time can include having to pay significant monetary fines, being forced to release the laundered funds, and a tarnished reputation among the community and businesses.

Who can help me devise a defense strategy?
A legal team experienced in handling money laundering cases is going to be your best defense against conviction. A lawyer will understand the nuances of these cases and can use their resources and connections to yield reduced charge or dismissal, if possible. Depending on the facts of the case, a strategy can entail arguing that your rights were violated by law enforcement, challenging evidence admissibility and witness credibility, or asserting that there was no way that you knew the property or funds in question were obtained from illegal conduct.

Why is it so important I request a lawyer immediately?
Too many people speak with law enforcement about their accusation before requesting a lawyer. This is a major mistake that happens all too often. Aside from necessary details like your name, you do not have to answer further questions at any point during your arrest. Remember, you are not guilty until proven so in court, and by answering questions by police you may commit incrimination statements that you cannot explain your way out of later.